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Topic: PT559 Last sailor?

My dad Victor L. Radzawich is 94 and was wondering if any other members of his PT 559 are alive? or is he the last survivor? he has never really talked about his service until now? He is in an assisted living home called Symphony Manor, broadway, Lancaster NY 14086. I think his phone was just installed today, but I don't have the number yet, but if you have info you could call him there. I'm sure he'd like to talk about it. he spent some time in the pacific, but contracted malaria, and then was stationed in the mediterranean sea, corsica, Italy, France, and even saw service in australia , the philippines,and Guam? I think somewhere I have seen photo's of his boat, and the tower with all the nazi stickers of ships killed...If anyone is still alive and remembers a guy who looked like errol flynn, That was my dad...He's in room 153 and the main number is , (716) 683-5150 for Symphony Manor..At 94 he may be the last PT Boat seaman alive, so hurry if you have questions...His son, Victor


Posted By: gwhpnut | Posted on: Jun 6, 2017 - 12:30am
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