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Hello I have a list of fellow's who were on the PT 144, is there any of you guys who may come in contact with anyone of these fellow's in the near future, if so could you pass on my e-mail address
( ) to them as I wish to chat with them to find out if they remember Cecil E Sellers. Thanks to Scott Cunningham I have one fellow's e-mail and I am waiting anxiously to find out wether he knew Cecil, here is the list,

Noel Denoux --- New Orleans---LA
Richard Earl-----Hagford-----Minnetonka-----MN
Thomas Henley-----Livingston------TX
Robert Hill-----Ridge-----NY
Authur Ives----Boulder-----CO
Edwin Nusky-----Hamilton-----OH
Charles O'Day-----Erlanger----KY
Stanley Peterson----Hemet-----CA
Anthony Petrocca-----Framingham----MA
William Schmidt-----Panama City-----FL
Rev Raymond Stockman-----Chillicothe-----OH
Anthony Varuso----River Ridge------LA
Thomas Vohs-----Loveland-----CO
Charles Warren-----Shawnee-----OK
Meyer Weber-----Tamarac------FL

Regards Katrina.......from Australia

Posted By: Katrina | Posted on: May 29, 2007 - 10:31pm
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