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Topic: PT-495 hull weathering-part 1, photos

I posted a dozen photos of the boat with the basic hull weathering done. The next step will the "beard" (marine growth at the waterline. Ater that there are still about 21 kit parts, props, rudders, bullnose, ropes, cleats, stantions, etc to install. Last but not least will be the Gentleman Jim name plate.
Then crew.......


Link to more photos--

Posted By: ducati650 | Posted on: May 19, 2007 - 7:15am
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I may have missed a post. Are you using an oil wash? It's looking good. What's your technique?

David Waples

Posted By: David Waples | Posted on: May 20, 2007 - 6:19am
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Hi Dave.
All the weathering is done with Raw Umber oil thinned with mineral spirits. This is after a good coat of Future Floor polish to protect the WEM enamels. After the oils have dried I spray with Dullcoat thinned with about 10-15% lacquer thinner.

Posted By: ducati650 | Posted on: May 20, 2007 - 8:06am
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I am very impressed with the way the boat has turned out. You have captured the true beauty of the boat showing her as she really was. Many of us ( myself included ) have several models of different variety's but none showing what a PT BOAT looked like after being in the Hot dirty climate of the Pacific. You should be very proud of your work. This is the type model that I would have no problem putting in any of my Exhibits. It is wonderful and I thank you for showing us the boat in a step by step build. Now you will have to be careful because guys like me will have you building them.........

Posted By: Frank J Andruss Sr | Posted on: May 21, 2007 - 12:24pm
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