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Thanks Dick,

I've been away, way too long

Although I have been reading this message board for well over a dozen years. Following it from the early location at your pt boat website to all the other locations. I've always been a reader, not a poster, or actually even a singed up member. But after a week or more of pt boat withdrawals because of the move and or my computer breaking down. It is a real pleasure seeing the board up and running as usual. I like the new look also, and the navigation links to other pages. Glade to see everything in one spot. I'm wishing the board and yourself all the good luck needed to keep it sailing smoothly.

Thanks again Dick, The withdrawal syndrome is finally melting away everyday I check in and learn a little more about pt boats. Now back to my cave with my one and only post. Also thanks to all the members who fearlessly post, sharing their boat knowledge. More photos, please, I love them all.

Philip Sterling

PS, I tried to find the posting of "New Board" but could find it anywhere, so I made up this new topic, sorry if I missed it. I actually saw if for a second or two but it disappeared right before me.

Posted By: Philip | Posted on: Mar 27, 2013 - 4:24pm
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