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Topic: More news on Italeri's upcoming 1/35th scale PT 109 kit

I found some more bits and pieces of news on Italeri's upcoming 1/35th scale PT 109 80' Elco kit while surfing the net...

An unknown blogger posted that he'd seen a blurb on the upcoming kit in "the Airfix modeling magazine," and included a photo of the box top art (I assume from the Airfix magazine) in his post showing a "Photo-etched fret included" announcement printed on the box top. The blogger also stated that the kit would have "metal gun barrels" and "Cartograf decals" in it, information also gathered, I guess, from the Airfix magazine.

In addition, I found a Cybermodeler Online review of the Italeri1/35th scale "M.A.S. Crew and Accessories" kit, about which reviewer Michael Benolkin interestingly wrote:

"When Italeri released the (PT 596) PT Boat, it was a number of months before the associated crew figure set was released, prompting a number of people to improvise with the available figures before the aftermarket sets came on the scene. By the time the Italeri figures were available, much of the demand was already gone. With that lesson learned, Italeri released the figures from the German E-Boat about the same time as the boat kit itself and sales were naturally much better. With that lesson learned, Italeri has released this figure set simultaneously with the M.A.S. boat."

The M.A.S. Crew and Accessories kit has six crew figures and several extras such as a gangplank, another life ring, and several "pier fixtures" (bitts, cleats and mooring posts).

So...maybe Italeri will release a PT 109 crew figure set (with either a specific JFK & crew or a South Pacific PT crew in-general), also with some "extras" too?

We'll see...

Posted By: Drew Cook | Posted on: Sep 16, 2012 - 12:02pm
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I searched the Airfix site and could find nothing about the upcoming kit or release. I hope to hear something from the folks at Italeri soon. If I get something I can share with you you'll be the first to know about it.

A quick edit. Some companies in the UK are advertising that they will have this at the end of October. If that is correct plan on at least another 20 days or so before it is available in the US. I'm sure these will be moving by surface and not by air.

David Waples

Posted By: David Waples | Posted on: Sep 16, 2012 - 3:59pm
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