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Topic: Friendly Fire PT 169 and PT 366

I received the action report for an incident involving PT 169 and PT 366 which happened on December 2, 1944 near Morotai and Halmahera. The 169 was hit and the 366 escaped without injury. Four sailors on the 169 were injured and I believe given Purple Hearts for the incident. Some of the information was relayed through the PT base, Soemoe Soemoe Island. It is reported that PT 174 towed in PT 169. The reports are very detailed. I wondered if anyone from the 174 or 366 remembers or has information about this event. As you can imagine, it was a life changing event for my Dad and I'm sure the other men aboard. My Dad, Clayton Carroll, had very vivid memories of being in the water while it was on fire around him. He believed that one of the men had died, he called him the red-haired boy, but from the incident reports it looks like all the men survivied. I wish Daddy was still alive so I could have told him! I would appreciate any information you might have!
Thanks! Judy Birk

Posted By: Judy Birk | Posted on: Mar 6, 2007 - 8:28pm
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