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 Author  Topic: Help with HOLDEN8702
Greg Viggiano

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Luis' model work is excellent and I recently purchased his set of 80' Elco struts, rudders, and props in 1:16 scale for my hull, currently under construction.

Luis was able to redesign the rudder to the Elco 103 specifications and it looks fantastic. After several coats of primer and sanding, all of the 3D build lines are gone and pieces are ready for metal casting.

Unfortunately, after close measurement, the propellers are out of scale for 1:16 and don't measure 30" or 28" like the full scale originals.

I asked Luis if he could redo the propellers in the correct size so I could repurchase at his cost. He understood that to mean at his expense. I was simply asking if it would be possible to not pay the Shapeways designer marker up. Luis is from Spain and spanish is his native language. Apparently, I offended him and he is ignoring my emails clarifying my request.

Are there any other 3D designers on Shapeways that offer an Elco propeller that can be re-sized to 1:16? The finished part should measure about 1.875" - Thanks in advance.



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