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 Author  Topic: PT-221 Revised Site (last time) hehe
  Greg Matthews

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Hey fellows,

I have revised my PT Boat site one last time. I found that it works best on my own home account, so below is the new official site. The other one has been taken down. Again ,it has the same photos for now, but has been categorized into classes on the left side of the page. All you have to do is click the category on the left side of the site to see those specific photos. In the 221 Class, I have two pages of info in photo jpeg format to read.So, without further adue, I give you my official site. Time for a glass of wine. Hopefully new photos coming soon. Thank you Will and Ed for the kind words, and for Will, if you look closely at the info sheet in the 221 album, you will see your name on the credits at the top of the sheet. You did help me a lot. Thank you.


PT 221
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