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 Author  Topic: Bullets and Bread is finally published!

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Well, it's been 4 or 5 years since I started writing my WWII Culinary history book covering the best and worst chow served up during the war. Bullets and Bread has finally come off the press. Thanks to people like Earl and others on the forum that shared memories and pictures with me. The book started out under a different title - my publisher changed it twice!

It took so long that I've since finished a book about the USS Alabama as well as finalized another book in the Hometown Cookbook Series.

The publisher has been covered up, brought in a new editor, was stuck in the New York Blizzard a few years back and then shut down for weeks due to Hurricane Sandy. Thankfully, it's finally out! Anyway, here's a book trailer for both Bullets and Bread as well as the USS Alabama book. Take a look and check out some of my grilling tip vids. - The ribs can't be beat!.

Thanks, Kent

I am a proud Army Strong Dad who has a deep appreciation for all who serve and have served our country.

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These were 2 great videos and I love the music you chose. I've posted a comment on both and now I'm going to search for the book.

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