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Topic: Shaneo, David Bulk - Solomons trip anyone?

I'm the intermediary here again - this time for a chap from Australia. Paul McCamley emailed me. Among other things, he asked about the Solomons conversation that went on in an earlier thread. Paul has been there (back in 2004). He sent these photos along and asked me to post them here...with special attention to Shaneo 2 and David Bulk. Paul's address is Enjoy!


Greetings from Australia.

I have been a member of PT Boats inc for some years now.
I read the message board every day. I LOVE it!

You are a very enthusiastic and dedicated PT member.

Recent posts have fellow members like 'shaneo 2' and 'david bulk' talking about a trip to Solomon Islands, Rendova Ron base maybe this coming fall, 2008. (northern hemisphere fall that is)

If there is an expedition to SI, count me in! Brisbane is where the direct flights to the Solomon Islands originate. (approx AUD$ 800 return)

(Gizo from the air - no wonder many PT suffered from reef damage!)



I was in SI 2004, out in the western province (Gizo, Vella LaVella, even 'plum pudding' (JFK) island. (not much there, just a small grass shack with JFK info. You can walk around the island in 15 minutes! No people at all - it's just too small) Local politics is riddled with corruption - a government official 'sold' plum pudding island to a friend!


I phoned Alyce Guthrie and sought her help in contacting shaneo 2 and david buck (who I believe is in Sydney, Australia) for their e-mail addresses - no luck. PT boats don't have that information.

Perhaps with all your contacts you can pass my e-mail address on to them ( Appreciated if you can. We can then organise an expedition to research what is left of the PT bases/equipment.

My last trip there was disapointing from a WW2 perspective.
The people there are so very poor - just a small amount of scrap alloy will put food in their mouths, so if your looking for jap zeros, or P39 engines, pretty much forget it.





Last year, some locals even sawed off the bronze statue on the Jap memorial in Honiara for scrap metal, but it was too heavy to carry away , no car!

I might add, the American memorial is maintained to a VERY high standard. Whoever is responsible for US memorials in this part of the world is really doing their job. It's immaculate.


Other photos:

The PT 109 nite club - the hottest club in town !


Gizo markets - few pathetic fish, some vegetables and betel nut for sale...



"Banana' boats - they cram 10-15 of the family in these things, no radios, no life jackets, no nothin', and zoom off into the black nite (braver than I am. Tradgedies of lost boats are very common, so sad)



Shaneo and David can contact me (

Local news - hey there are a couple of 'Fairmile' boats anchored down under. One a 60-70 footer, the other 80-90 footer. Only a guess sizewise. But they are still floating! Owned by civilians, so not still in navy colors. Not loved by the look of their tatty appearance. I read some Fairmiles may have Packard 4M motors, worth the price of admission alone if that's true in these ones. I can send you a DVD of them if you are interested. (JIM: Paul said he'd send me a clip...I'll post it here when it comes.)

Grandson of James J Stanton
RON 15 PT 209 and RON 23 PT 243
Check out:

Posted By: newsnerd99 | Posted on: Jun 10, 2008 - 12:43am
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Hi Paul, Nice to hear from a fellow Aussie and thanks to newsnerd99 for posting the message on the Board. Great photos of the Gizo area reminds me of both Vanautu and Samoa ,very poor south sea islands.Lots of people standing around with nothing to do as there is not very much to fullfill their day with. This situation can be a little unnerving to say the least but i found if you are willing to talk to these people they are usually friendly, go and visit the local churches and join in with the choir and you make friends for life.
I have been interested in P.T.Boats for about 30 odd years and with the net opening up huge arreas of interest and people have found a number of particular Boats and places that are within the realm of visiting, thereby answering many questions of my own and others.
I will contact you by email .
Yours D.B.


Posted By: David Buck | Posted on: Jun 10, 2008 - 5:16am
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Oops, forgot to add that there are two Fairmiles on the Hawksbury River about 1/2 hours drive away. Both have Disel engines and both are in fairly good nick. Are you refering to boats in your area? Which sounds like Brisbane?
Yours D.B.


Posted By: David Buck | Posted on: Jun 10, 2008 - 5:34am
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I will send out an email today. I will be "out to sea", back/forth until August or so, so there might be a lapse in my email responses...?

I would welcome the company of some Aussies, and fellow history buffs.



Posted By: Shaneo2 | Posted on: Jun 10, 2008 - 12:16pm
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Hi Paul,
I live in Brisbane,Carindale.It would be great to get together and talk about our obvious shared interest.
My connection with PT Boats is that my Grandfather served on the Bases.
Anyway feel free to email me on link above or through this post.
Cheers Mate.


Posted By: Michael | Posted on: Jun 10, 2008 - 2:07pm
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