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Topic: Just received photos

I received a donation today from a man who lived in Bayonne, New Jersey, not far from the Elco Naval Division. His letter claims he hung around the plant from 1940 to about 1941 or 1942.

His package to me was some Elco Brochures, Pleasure Craft Photo's, and other Elco related materials. Enclosed with his articles were these three pictures on the very bottom of the box. In looking at them quickly, I knew one of them was Irwin Chase, Managing Constructor of Elco and the driving force behind the PT BOAT PROGRAM.

The other two contained photo's of what looks like Elco's first PT BOAT, PV-70, the Scott-Paine 70 footer. She is out of the water, but I am not sure where this was taken. Must have been somewhere near Elco, but could be in Groton, Connecticut as Chase put PV-70 thru her paces before heading to Bayonne.

Dick Could you please post these three for the boys. Thanks Dick..............


#92 Shows what looks to be PV-70, the Elco purchased Scott-Paine boat, out of the water, but not sure where.


#93 A closer look at PV-70 out of the water, but no clue as to where this was taken, as I just received pictures today.


#94 The man behind the PT BOAT program, Irwin R. Chase, Elco's Managing Constructor. Chase would head to England to check out the boats Elco might purchase. He and Henry R. Sutphen would decide on the Scott-Paine Design.

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