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Some interesting information about Bryant (Bud) Larson, the first skipper of PT109. Included is a newspaper article (Minneapolis Sunday Tribune) written about Larson in September of 1961. Included in this post are several photographs of a young PT officer Larson, in his last boat, the 529, with his wife at their wedding, and a more recent photo featuring his son’s visit to PT 658, here in Portland OR. This photograph was taken on June 7, 2013 during Portland's Rose Festival Fleet Week, when Bryant Larson's son Skip, came to visit. In the photo (from Left to right) you can see PT658 skipper Chuck Kellogg, Skip Larson (Bryants son), Wally Boerger (PT webmaster) and PT veteran Jack Duncan. This was the occasion where I was able to take photographs (photos below) of newspaper articles and photos, of Skip’s father.




[b]Bryant (Bud) Larson in PT 529[/b]


[b]Bryant Larson with his wife[/b]


[b]Skip Larson (Bryants son) 2013 visit to PT658[/b]


Jerry Gilmartin
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