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A first hand account from Arthur Frongello, QM PT-302.
First a bright light, then a loud boom that knocked me form the ladder in the chart house to the deck of the crew's quarters. I thought I had been hit as I moved about on my hands and knees. Panic set in. I knew I was bleeding heavily and I made a quick body inventory to stop any bleeding I could. It was very difficult to see as we used only red lights. Panic continued to rule as I could feel blood every where I felt. I thought this is it.
Moments went by, I mean years and I felt no pain? The erratic movement of our boat settled down and so did I a little. Next to my delight and still in a panic mode I realized I was not hit. The close hit that rocked my boat and threw me from ladder was real. The blood was not. An open gallon container of Ketchup and tipped over and had covered the crew quarters deck. We , I was not hit after all. Next, I answered the call, all hands on deck.
A German destroyer was not so lucky. I don't know how but I mustered enough strength to work with shipmates to save 26 German sailors. On our way back to base radio message was sent, "We need MPs and medics."
My silent message was to thank God.


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