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Topic: Shane's "WALLY" tree, Bau Is. PT base, Rendova, Solomon Islands

Can't remember if I posted this before. I doubt if there is any other photo of this tree anywhere. The name "WALLY" is from someone who probably served at that base in WW-II.

I was at the small village and asked about marks on the coconut/other trees in hoping to find wire directions to possibly other locations. The locals assumed I was asking about a tree carving, so hesitantly showed me this tree from the war.

I asked if they were sure it was fro the war and they pointed to all the other stuff around there, and mentioned it was of the same time. No one ever asked about the trees before- so I was the first one they showed it to, curious as to why I would even be interested. This photo is from 2012. History is all around us- just gotta ask questions in the Sollys.


Posted By: Shaneo2 | Posted on: Jan 18, 2021 - 8:42pm
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