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My modeling group is doing a D-Day themed group build. I am looking for references to PT boats involved in Operation Neptune and Operation Overlord. I figure everyone else is going to build Typhoons, P-47s and Spitfires. I'd like to help remember the PT boat crews as well. I think the naval aspect of the D-Day landings is overshadowed by the actual landings. The destroyers and PT boats made a huge difference and I'd like to help us remember that collectively,

I would appreciate suggestions of models to build. I am not limited to scale or material. However, I am not excited to purchase a Dumas kit. :-) However, I wouldn't mind finding detailed plans to build a plank on bulkhead model. (Having access to a laser cutter is handy!) I will even consider a card model.

I have the Italeri 1/35 Elco boat, Is this a good base for a D-Day PT Boat?

I appreciate all suggestions.

Thank you,


Posted By: CBRent | Posted on: Jul 4, 2019 - 9:11am
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Hi, here's a brief account of the three PT squadrons involved :


So the three Higgins PT boats of Ron 2(2) started operations in May, Elco PT boats of Ron 34 first saw action on June 5th/ 6th and Elco Pt boats of Ron 35 joined a day later on June 7th.

The Italeri Elco kit is a good base for a Ron 34 or Ron 35 boat. The PT 596 kit is preferable because it has the right type of torp racks and guns. As far as I know there are no drawings of Ron 34 and Ron 35 boats but these threads may serve as a guide:





Posted By: Arjan Wiskerke | Posted on: Jul 4, 2019 - 12:01pm
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Hi Brent, good to see you made it here! One good source of information for a brief history of a particular boat to help you choose a subject: [url][/url].

PT 505 is one boat that stands out due to its hitting a mine on June 7th. I know it is a day after D-day but there are a fair amount of photos of it, including some in color, so that would help you with details.

Posted By: Jeff D | Posted on: Jul 8, 2019 - 7:27am
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Here is another link with a great photo of Ike onboard PT-71 on his ride from Omaha Beach to Utah Beach.

Also, from the war diaries for that time:

Lieutenant W. M. Snelling, USNR, executive officer of MTB RON 2, transported Eisenhower’s party to Utah Beach on PT-71. The war diary of the squadron stated that the lieutenant “considers that he hold the all-time PT record for carrying gold braid.” His passengers included Admirals King, Stark, Alan Kirk, Don Moon and John E. Wilkes, and Generals Eisenhower, Marshall, Courtney Hodges, and Omar Bradley. At the helm was General Henry “Hap” Arnold.

The ironic thing is that the one guy who was NOT on the boat that day was the squadron commander, Lieutenant Commander John Bulkeley.

Posted By: CJ Skamarakas | Posted on: Dec 27, 2019 - 12:53pm
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Might I suggest looking into the the "Outstanding" book by Historian and Master Model Builder Bridgeman H. Carney. His amazing book, First-Up, chronicles the actions of Skipper Lt(jg) William F. 'Bud' Liebenow of PT 157 Aces 'n' Eights which was the boat that was sent to rescue Lt. Jack Kennedy and his crew after their run-in with the Jap can. The following is taken from the book First-Up. Skipper Bud Liebenow was transferred, with priority orders, to the European theater at the end of 1943 and performed OSS drop offs and pick-ups of agents along the German held French coast. He was given command of PT 199 the day before D-Day and was at the front on D-day. The 199 rescued sailors from the USS Corry, which was hit by German shore fire and sank. Bud was awarded the Silver Star for actions on the PT 157 in the Solomons and the Bronze Star for actions in Europe.

I hope this will give you and additional idea for your project.

Posted By: Roy Forbes | Posted on: Dec 27, 2019 - 3:42pm
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You can see more about the PT-199 on D-Day at:

Posted By: TheBridge | Posted on: Dec 28, 2019 - 3:56pm
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