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I am looking for a good photo or two showing the style of fenders used on PT boats in mid-war. Good enough so I can see the details and create dimensions. It also would be quite helpful to know what color(s) they were. I've seen several shapes, tires, tubular, and teardrop, but not good enough to see clearly. Lew

Lew Zee

Posted By: Lew Zee | Posted on: Jul 4, 2017 - 11:58pm
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Hello Lew,
I went through and looked at all my copies of PT boat photos that show fenders in use and stored. they all seem to be the kind made from rope. They are cylindrical and about 2 feet long and about 8 inches around. They usually have an lanyard integral to one end from which you can hang it in position. The Elco 80 footers seem to keep them stored from the railing on the outside of the charthouse on the port side just aft of the radio antenna, just below the helm position as viewed from the port side. I would post the pictures here but since PB is non functional maybe you could send me your email address and I can email the photos to you?

PS you may be able to see them on NAVSOURCE for the following boats
PT127 crewman standing by stbd gun tub,
PT130 tallyboard,
PT146 being stripped,
PT190 scoreboard,
PT242 gets new engines,
PT305 Radar dish no dome,
PT305 Mk13 torpedo on rack,
PT309 armor plate and crew sitting on the port torpedo,
PT313 Sea Wolf gun tub and wolf logo laying on deck below guntub,
PT334 man with sword and another with a bunch of bananas fender behind the sword,
PT344 man painting RON25 logo to left of logo,
PT467 coming into a landing,
PT488 Little Joe next to life ring
PT491 in box to left,
PT494 Blind date laying on top of captured jap life ring,
PT507 laying on deck under bipod for 20mm barrel,
PT534 entering LSD7 well deck,
PT588 Dianamite crew sitting on Mk13 torpedo,
PT600 crew photo between shoulders of 2nd and 3rd crewmen from the back right row,
PT625 port side view laying on deck just forward of life raft and being held by crewman 2nd from bow,
PT657 being picked by crane starboard side view hanging from forward torpedo tube bracket

There might be more but that was all I could find.

Jerry Gilmartin
PT658 Crewman
Portland OR

Posted By: Jerry Gilmartin | Posted on: Jul 8, 2017 - 9:37pm
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Thanks Jerry for taking the time to look this up. You can get email address by clicking on the icon that looks like an open envelope (above, the one on the right). If you can pick out 2 or 3 pictures - that would be fine. Lew

Lew Zee

Posted By: Lew Zee | Posted on: Jul 9, 2017 - 10:19am
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I had not heard back from you so I did some more looking as I needed to get moving on this. I came across the photo below (cropped) which I used to make a 3D model which I am now waiting for the parts to be printed and delivered.


Does anyone have information on the rope ladder/net that was used on the PT Boats for rescues, etc? All I found is a photo where it is rolled up on the foredeck.



Lew Zee

Posted By: Lew Zee | Posted on: Jul 11, 2017 - 10:00pm
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