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While digging through my files and books during research for my model I came across an interesting article in Nautical Quarterly #26, Summer 1984, entitled “The PTs – Vessels of Opportunity” by D.W. Fostle. The article spans 16 pages and while all of the photographs may be seen in other publications, the article contains a two-page spread of plans of a late 80’ Elco, PT 596. Although the plans say they were drawn in 1/32 scale originally, they’re reproduced at a reduced size to allow them to fit on the pages resulting in a hull length somewhat less than 8 inches. What was interesting to me is that these plans were drawn by our resident PT Historian and Great Artiste “Al Ross, Jr.” Cheers, Al. 1984? You’ve been at this a long time! [:-cheers-:]

While we’re speaking of PT 596, another note of interest is that the Nautical Research Journal, Winter 2013, Volume 58, Number 4, carried a 14-page article by John De Broske on the building of a Howard Enterprises 1/25 scale “semi-kit” which became the author’s radio-controlled PT 596.

I wonder if he worked from Al’s plans? [:-smilearound-:]


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