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Here is a PT related fact that I just found out:
The U.S.S Lionfish (SS-298) that is at Fall River also has a PT Boat related link.
Lionfish's Commanding Officer was LCDR Edward Dean Spruance, USN(yes, son of ADM Ray Spruance) Executive Officer was LCDR Vincent E. Schumacher, USN previously Skipper of PT 32 RON 3.
CAPT Vincent E. Schumacher, USN
here is his World War Two career:
Duty USS Portland (CA-33) 1 Jul 1939
Duty including Gunnery Officer USS MacLeish (DD-220) 1 Oct 1939 - 1 Nov 1940
Duty Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Three/Captain PT-32 1941 - 1942
Executive Officer USS S-38 (SS-143) 1 Jan 1943
Executive Officer USS S-41 (SS-146) 1 Apr 1943 - 7 Oct 1943
Executive Officer USS Thresher (SS-200) 31 Dec 1943 - 23 May 1944
Executive Officer USS Lionfish (SS-298) Dec 1944 - Apr 1945
Commanding Officer USS Tigrone (SS-419) 12 Jul 1945 - 1 Oct 1945
USNA Class of 1938
Ensign 2 Jun 1938
Lieutenant (j.g.) 2 Jun 1941
Lieutenant 15 Jun 1942
Lieutenant Commander 1 Mar 1944
Commander 5 Nov 1945
He retired a CAPT He went on final patrol on18 Sep 2011

31 Jul 1945
USS Tigrone (Lt.Cdr. V.E. Schumacher) departed from Guam for her 3rd war patrol. She was ordered to patrol east of Honshu, Japan.

31 Aug 1945
USS Tigrone (Lt.Cdr. V.E. Schumacher) enters Tokyo Bay.

2 Sep 1945
USS Tigrone (Lt.Cdr. V.E. Schumacher) departed from Tokyo Bay bound for Pearl Harbor.
So a RON 3 Officer was there at the beginning at Cavite and there at the end, the signing in Tokyo Bay.

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