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Topic: Ron 18 Color Pattern?

I am building my late uncles PT boat which was PT 369. Before
I start painting I would like to make sure that it is the right color pattern.
Is the right color two different shades of green or green and brown. Any
help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Mark Kiene PT 369 Crewkin

Posted By: Mark Kiene | Posted on: Mar 25, 2007 - 3:12pm
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Boy, this is a tough one. I'm building a Ron 33 boats as I think it looked in mid to late '44. I'm using green and brown. In some of my earlier posts I've linked to 2 album pages with color photos of the Ron 33 boat, PT 493. It cattied the same pattern as a couple of Ron 15 photos. John Snyder thinks Brown #4, probably faded. I have seen no color photo evidence showing this stripped pattern in anything but green and brown. Maybe a grren faded to this brown color. USAAF Olive Drab faded to brown. Mybe they used that. Your guess.


I'm using faded brown #4 and faded Green #3 though John fells it could also be 5-Navy Green.

Posted By: ducati650 | Posted on: Mar 25, 2007 - 5:51pm
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