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Topic: Lt.(jg) John L. McKay Ron 9 pt-155 & 126

I am looking for information about my grandfather in WWII. I know he was originally in the Solomon Islands and served under Malcolm Toon on PT 155, towards the end of the war he was on PT 126 in Philippine waters. Does anyone know where RON 9 was throughout late 1944-1945? Lt.(jg) John L. McKay

Posted By: johnmckay | Posted on: Jan 11, 2010 - 8:23pm
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From "At Close Quarters" . Both boats saw action at Rendova, Lever Harbor, Treasury, Green, Mios Woendi, Morotai, Zamboanga and Tawi Tawi. The two boats made it all through the war. No longer having any useful purpose they were burned in November, 1945 in the Philippines. If you can find a copy, the book might be of interest to you. It contains a brief history of all of the boats and their activities throughout the world. Also some of the more important engagements.

Posted By: QM | Posted on: Jan 12, 2010 - 7:25am
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Would yo happen to know where Ron 9 was from March of 44 to February of 45?

Posted By: johnmckay | Posted on: Jan 12, 2010 - 10:56am
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Here are RON 9 assigned bases South Pacific: Russell Islands May 1943 Rendova June 30, 1943- July 1943, Lever Harbor July 21- Oct 1943, Treasury- Sterling Island 0ct 27, 1943- Jan 1944, Green Island Jan-May 44 South West Pacific: Dreger Harbor May 1944 , Mios Woendi June 19. 1944- September 12, 1944 Morotai Sept 16, 1944-Feb 1945, Tawi Tawi, Zamboanga May 23- Sept 1945 Samar Sept-Nov 24, 1945.
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Posted By: TED WALTHER | Posted on: Jan 12, 2010 - 2:26pm
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If I can translate the footnotes correctly, in the book At Close Quarters your father is mentioned as C/O of PT 126 at Tawi Tawi May 27, 1945.

Posted By: Gary Paulsen | Posted on: Jan 13, 2010 - 9:08am
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I have one photo of some of the 126 boat's crew (no names). Give me your e-mail address and I'll send you a copy.


Posted By: Will Day | Posted on: Jan 13, 2010 - 10:35am
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Thanks so much!

Posted By: johnmckay | Posted on: Jan 13, 2010 - 11:53am
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