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Hello Everybody
I've changed who hosts my pic's for my model builds , which means that all the links on here for my build of PT174 Zebra striped will not work any more. I'm now with Photobucket.
I've devided the build of PT174 Zebra striped into sub albums.The links are .
PT174 Build
PT174 Torpedo Tubes
PT174 Bofor's Gun & shield
PT174 painting
PT174 diorama build
PT174 Finished build
I've managed to pick up a built model of the PT596 at a local carboot sale & I'm going to convert it into the PT174 as She was at the end of the war, without the Bofor's gun shield or the lovely stripes. just need to find the time with all my other builds I've on the go at the moment.


Posted By: muddyfields | Posted on: Jan 13, 2009 - 4:05am
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