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 Author  Topic: Download - An Administrative History of PT's in World War II


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Jerry . . .

Thanks for the input and typo spotting and clarification of data that prove to be incorrect. Please keep them coming. I have already received several emails discussing some of issues you brought up as well as others. I urge all to examine the document, and if you find faulty facts or typos please send them to me.

Its been a real dilemma for me as to the approach of issues of faulty information or typographical errors. As I had discussed sometime earlier, I might be forced into making two separate publications. One exactly as authored and typed, in other words as near exact copy of the manuscript as it appeared in the microfilm. Including format, font, letter and word spacing as possible with todays technology readily available to me. Then at the end of the document provide summation pages detailing possible factual issues and typographic errors within the document. Then create a revised & photographically expanded version in a more finished publication format. Then like the above thought above, include a summation page indicating the changes and where they occur in the publication.

Al . . .

I surely agree with you, but Id rather not include correction within the actual text, Im afraid it might detract from the original. Rather as I mentioned above, include such notes at the end of the document.

While reading the document, I often wondered how familiar the authors and their clerks were with PT Boats. That could attest to some issues that might be at fault. Also the many interviews and how much thought were given to their objectivity. Such as we see the Commanding officer of MTBSTC having absolute distain for the Higgins boat and presenting conclusion which are unfounded in later paragraphs by actual Navy testing. I just wonder in this as well as other publications and documents how much faulty assumptions, interpretations and basis really creeps in.

Thanks all,
Dick . . .

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Will Day


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As has been stated so succinctly above, the original report contains more than its share of bad information, bad grammer, mis-spelled words and biased opinions. I think Dick's idea of publishing two versions is the best solution.


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Black Ops

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Well, well, guys, sorry for the delay but what a great job all of you have done. It is all nicely put together, boy I couldn't type something like this and be consistant. And I can't even image trying to type from that material you had. The format or style or what ever it is called really looks terrific. I agree also, both version would be nice, I see Al.s point about history.

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