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Frank J Andruss Sr


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Thanks for the photo copies you sent to me. I am pretty sure we are looking at the Elco Plane System, which if memory serves me right was added to PT 487 in December 1943. These steps were added to the bottom and sides of the boat. In high speed test's the boat was highly manuverable and speeds in excess of 60 knots were achieved.

The turning radius at 180 degress ( both port and starboard ) was something like 6 seconds at high speed. Elco was so excited about the test's they made up these planes and started to get them out into the field. Everything came to a halt however, when Ron 29 had fitted PT's 560-563 with the planes, running from New York to Miami. In high speed test's, the planes were remarkable, but here was the bad news.

At Cruising speeds, the boats lost 25% in Fuel consumption and a even more dismal 75% lubricating oil. The boats had a tendancy to root into heavy sea's and steering became much more difficult. To add insult to injury, the boats acceleration dropped off, marking the end of the Elco Plane. It was also found that the planes on the sides of the boats had a tendancy to warp and the supporting brakets became loose and craked. The boats also became sensitive to added weights.

I hope this answers your question somewhat, and please contact me anytime. When you can, come over to the mesage board. I am sure we would love to have your input

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