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 Author  Topic: Nugent family photos of Ron 15

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I've posted before about how helpful Steve Nugent has been with my research on Squadron 15. His father was XO on the 216 before getting command of the 210. He has passed along a couple of photos along with the war diary, mission and action reports. Steve is looking to sign up here and join the board; in the meantime he said I could post the pics he sent along via email:

Here is Ron 15 boats nesting along the Karouba Docks at Base 12, Bizerte, Tunisia (1943 or 1944):

Here's one of my favorites: Lt. Harold Nugent with the same binoculars around his neck that he had the night of the Elba Invasion, June 1944. Nugent on the 210 (along with the 209) had finished dropping off their beach jumpers and started a patrol when they came across a cluster of ships. After challenging and receiving the correct codes twice, the 210 pulled alongside what ended up being an F-lighter. During the shootout, in which the 210 received several hits but no casualties, the binoculars on Nugents chest took a hit and (as you can see) broke. Talk about a close call! I also love the turret art, which apparently was a behind-the-back nickname for the previous skipper.

Here's another shot of Harold Nugent, grinning next to some of the boat damage from that Elba shootout:

I look forward to Steve joining here...I think we all have a lot to share with each other!

Grandson of James J Stanton
RON 15 PT 209 and RON 23 PT 243
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