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 Author  Topic: FEMU BARGE #6
Frank J Andruss Sr


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The floating equipment maintenance units were formed with over 275 Officers and men at any given time. These Pontoon Barges consisted of a Quonset Hut in the middle, and a 10 Ton Crane, using 8 cylinder Chrysler marine Engines, pushing these barges at a walloping 2 knots in no Seas.

They provided the PT Boats the maintenance they needed in the front lines, and could lift a boat out of the water for repairs. The Hut carried spare parts, tools, and some supplies needed for the boats. Also the FEMU consisted of other Barges such as Floating Dry-Docks, and Gasoline Barges, that could carry 80,000-100,000 gallons of gas. These boys do not get much credit in the PT BOAT History Books, but they provided much needed maintenance for the boats and could travel wherever the boats went in the front lines. Thanks to Al Moore for donating these photo's to my Exhibit. Al operated a Crane on FEMU BARGE #6.

#38. A look at the FEMU BARGE in operation. PT 334, Ron 24 is tied up.

#43. Crane Barge at the end of Port Sual, Northern Lauzon. Not sure which Ron this is.

#41. Base 16 Chapel.

#44. Al Moore operting his Crane on FEMU Barge #6.

#39. A differnt look at Crane Barge #6 with PT 334 tied up to her.

#42. Another look at Al, hard at work on his 10 Ton Crane. looks like hot work.

#45. Not sure what these FEMU boys are up to, but one has 2 machetes and one a Sub Thomspon Machine Gun.

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#45 Looks like they are guarding prisoners at work . . . .

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