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 Author  Topic: What PT Boats, Inc. has done for me.

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PT Boats, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservaton of PT boat history in perpetuity. The organization has accomplished many things: the restoration of two PT Boats which are on display at Fall River; constructed a building to house the two boats; established a museum on BB Massachusetts at Fall River; established and maintained records to carry on the preservation of PT history; organized semi-annual publication of All Hands; organized annual reunions; established and maintained this web site. PT Boats has enabled me to re-establish contact with many of the men with whom I served. I was able to contact my first skipper by mail and telephone. Ten years ago I made a round trip of approximately three thousand miles to visit with him for a couple of days and to discuss some of the things we had done in New Guinea and New Britain. I contaced my second skipper by mail. Unfortunately, he died soon thereafter. My third skipper attended several anual reunions. We had many conversations, and I also visited him in Boston. My squadron commander attended several reunions and I was able to have a few conversations with him. I contacted my first Exec. by mail and telephone. I discovered that my second Exec. had died before 1976. At twenty-four reunions over the past thirty-three years I have met again several of the enlisted men from my boat. I alse established new PT Boater friends who I would not have met except for the reunions.

I have been a member of this organization since 1976 when I attended an annual reunion with my wife and son. I was with PT boats in New Guinea for about fourteen months where I made patrols in New Guinea and New Britain. I was just one of thousands of sailors doing this job. My time in the navy was a relatively short part of my life. However, I treasure it highly, especially my time on PT boats. I could not have had a better assignment.

For all of the above reasons I try to make annual contributions to PT Boats, Inc., along with occasional contributions in honor of deceased PT boaters with whom I was associated in the war years. My modest contributions combined with contributions from other PT boaters and PT friends help PT Boats, Inc. accomplish its many projects,

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CJ Willis


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QM; I too have a very high regard for P.T. Boats Inc. It is a great group at headquarters. I was unaware that P.T. Boats had an organization until August, 1969 when "Boats" Newberry sent me an "All Hands" mailed to my parents home which was my last Navy mailing address. I have been a member since that time. At that time I sent a couple of items from our boat to the museum. I am sad to say that I have never been to a reunion. Seems I was always too busy during my working years and now am unable to go. Back in the early 70's I had the pleasure of having "Boats" and Alyce drop into my office unexpectedly. They were traveling through Oklahoma and just came by to meet an old P.T. sailor. I called my wife and we all had lunch together. I too try to make annual contributions. I means a lot to us P.T. Vets to know there is an organization just for us. We have "Boats" Newberry to thank. It was all his idea.

C. J. Willis

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Frank J Andruss Sr


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Back in 1988, I had learned of the PT BOATS being at Fall River, Massachusetts. Loving the boats since the ripe age of 10, I could not wait to get there. Back in those days, Frank Sizzler Szczepaniak was in charge of the boats, and I can remember being met by him with a big smile. He took me under his wing so to speak, and I went onboard the Elco PT Boat for the first time. I was in awe as I climbed all over this wonderfully restored boat, not missing anything. I think I must have spent 2 or 3 hours on the boat, with Frank answering all my questions ( which were many).

He was a great guy and always had a kind word to say. It was my first real meeting with a PT Boat veteran, and he made my visit very rewarding. It was because of PT BOATS INC., that I was able to meet so many wonderful PT Boat veterans and their Families. My love for PT Boats continued to grow, as I continued to meet more veterans. I was lucky to have met people like Lt. John D. Bulkeley, Les Gamble, Jack Searles, Gerard Zinser, Maurice kowal, and countless others. Back in 1993, is where I would meet my first PT 109 Crewmember, Gerard Zinser. Meeting these guys was like meting my heroes, and the friendships I made were ever lasting.

It was because of PT BOATS INC., that I was able to do so much and open up my own PT BOAT EXHIBIT. I hope that guys like myself, and the younger Kids will continue to support this wonderful organization long after the last PT BOAT VETERAN is gone. We must always help to educate those who know little about the PT BOAT SERVICE, whether it is this organization that does this task, my Exhibit, or someone else. Getting the word out and showing artifacts is the best way to accomplish this task. Thanks to folks like Boats Newberry, who had the vision and the energy to build this organization, and to his daughter Alyce, who keeps he flames burning. My Mosquito Fleet Exhibit is a better venue, thanks to you guys............

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