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Hello all! I've put some very minor updates on

William Pink, the son of QM Ed Pink (Ron 15 PT 206) contacted me through the site around the holidays. He sent me a copy of his father's journal from his time in Ron 15. It is a great insight into the day-to-day real life of a sailor as well as some of the operations that my grandfather was involved in. Bill also sent me a couple of pictures that I posted on the site...hopefully there will be more to come!

Steve Nugent also contacted me; his father was Harold "Hal" Nugent who served as XO on the 216 and then skipper on the 210. Hal was at the helm on PT 210 during the Elba invasion shootout with the Germans (during his point-blank shootout with an F-lighter he had his binoculars hit by a shell while they were hanging on his chest!) I posted one photo of Lt. Nugent kneeling next to "Little Poison" at a dock after the shootout.

I'm hoping to "finish" the site this Spring or early summer as things quiet down at my jobs. Thanks again for all your visits and comments in the guestbook!

Grandson of James J Stanton
RON 15 PT 209 and RON 23 PT 243
Check out:

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