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 Author  Topic: Last Patrol -- Lt[jg] Rumsey Ewing

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Lt[jg] Rumsey Ewing passed away on March 20, 2008. Rumsey was skipper of PT 191 in Ron 12. With Ron 12 Rumsey earmed the Presidential Unit Citation, Purple Heart and Silver Star. He will be missed by his many friends.

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Frank J Andruss Sr


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Another one of those special men, who with his wooden wonder and a crack team onboard, fought the enemy with courage and a fierce determination that only those who served on PT BOATS can fully understand. Rumsey Ewing if asked would have said he was only doing his job, but what he did went above and beyond the call of duty. It just makes me proud to keep the PT BOAT VETS in the public eye. They did so many wonderful things with such a wonderful craft. How can one not be proud to know these men...............

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I am deeply saddened to learn of Rum Ewing jumping on to the 191 boat and heading out on his last patrol. He was one man I considered a friend. One day in January 1996 I decided I would like some first hand knowledge of RON 12, Ken Prescott had sent me a copy of an old Peter Tare Roster. I decided to write Rum Ewing, I sent him as usual(for me, because I want the maximum info from each letter), a four page letter asking all kinds of questions about RON 12 and his boat, PT 191"Bambi " and also some questions on his later boat in RON 40, PT 599 "Katcha Maru". In Febuary 1996 I recieved his response and in true Rum Ewing fashion, he sent me a consise and very detailed letter answering every question I asked in extact detail. Mind you this was the fist time I had written him. Also in his letter he not only sent me his address in ST. Louis, but his phone number with a very warm " feel free to call and you can call me anytime". As with all PT veterans, I wish I had asked more, anddeveloped our aquaitance further, but I guess that was not in the cards.
All of us here on the board can send a big thank you to him too, because, some of the clearest and most detailed Black and White photo shots of the boats at Mios Woendi that are at PTHQ, were taken by Rum Ewing. To me, just looking at his work, he was an amazingly talented amatuer photograher and I told him so, when I did, he just laughed.
Rum was a very warm and cordial person, He was an Officer and a Gentleman, He was a living legend too, but more importantly, he was first and foremost warrior in every sense of the word. I will miss him. I would like to wish my friend fair winds and following seas.
Good Luck and take care, Rum.

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Will Day


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