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 Author  Topic: 2 Close-Ups of Melville Photos


Post a Reply To This Topic    Reply With Quotes     Edit Message     View Profile of Dick   Send Email To Dick Posted on: Mar 15, 2008 - 11:23am

Below are two close-up images per request:

The first is a close-up of PT-486 at the quay wall at Melville: My description is, 80' ELCO, life raft forward with a large Ready Box just in front of the Chart House. A close look at the bridge shows the Air Foil deployed, with forward 50 cal covered with canvas but not the entire turret, just gun. Further back the SO Radar is deployed up, then the aft Turret completely covered. Just aft is an enlarged Engine Room Hatch/Air Intake, further aft a covered gun, probably a 20 mm. Further on another Ready Box and Smoke Generator and American flag. Along the side a forward Torpedo with Roll-off Rack, a Depth Charge center and then three sailors working on a Roll-off Rack. One individual is inside the rack facing inboard, while two others are inboard looking outboard. Finally the desperate act of satisfaction, a sailor who appears to be reliving himself - by his stance and location it appears to be a quick whizzzzzzzz overboard.

There was only so much data contained in the original scan that Frank sent me - I enlarged as best I could and enhance the image as well as pixel data would allow me. After playing with it in PhotoShop for awhile, then guessing 35, 36, or 39 it appeared the 77 footer's number is actually PT-38.

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  Wayne Traxel


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Thanks Dick,

Its 38 alright. Your scan was far better than my attempt. Numbers are much clearer on your scan than they were on mine.

Thank You, again.

Wayne Traxel

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Will Day

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GREAT STUFF! Thanks, guys....


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Frank J Andruss Sr


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Love the 2 close-ups Dick. You can clearly see PT 38 on the boat in black numbers, and that shot of PT 486, I love near the Quay Wall. I guess takeing a whizz off the stern was common while working on PT BOATS.

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