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 Author  Topic: Close-Up of ELCO next to PT-101


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Here is a close-up view of Frank's Melville photo showing the ELCO 80 next to PT-101. It does show a close resemblance - except for the back end of the tube. This tube appears to have a reinforced pressure dome arrangement on the back, where (if I recall correctely)as in the movie the tubes just showed a flat metal cap on the end.

I always though John Ford just took short cuts and used or made them up. But, just maybe, the boats the navy supplied were configured and supplied as shown in the movie.

I've always been curious why they didn't use some of the older 77' from Melville in the movie - it would have been more interesting and closer to the fact.

Dick. . .

PS: thanks to Frank Andruss for sharing, scanning and sending all the great photos to me for posting - I just PhotoShop them up, upload and post them.

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Will Day

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Friedman in U.S. SMALL COMBATANTS states that a 22.5" tube was designed for the Higgins 296-301 boat series. Your closeup sure looks like a short (Mark 13) type setup. Interesting.


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If you look closely you will see the burning PT 34 on the beach is a "spare" cabin placed on a mock hull. I have always thought the same thing you mentioned, because by the time the movie started shooting, PT 39, PT 40, PT 47, PT 48, and PT 59, were all back at Melville and being rebuilt by students of MTBRTU. This is the main reason why PT 59, lasted into the 1970's before sinking at a pier in Harlem. and PT 40 and PT 48 lasted until the late 1980's together as tour boats out of Miami working for Nikko Tours. Last word I have on PT 40 is 1986. PT 48 of course you all know I am slowly working on that one.
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