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 Author  Topic: Skipper of the 133
Patricia Horton Pinello

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Many thanks to Will for the photo's he sent of the 127, 128 & even got one of the 133. If I'm not greatly mistaken Will, the first crewman to the immediate left on that 133 is Pete McKinely. He and Dad met up at a reunion in Columbus OH in about 1974. First time they'd seen eachother since the 133 went down and Dad went to the hosp. in Au. Daddy & Mother were in contact with them till they moved to NM., then I tracked him down and spoke with him a few years ago.

To get to the point, I've given my copy of the Squadron Log to my sister, does anyone know off hand the Skipper of the 133's real name. Daddy always refered to him as Pappy Reid. I'm not sure if I'm spelling that right. Now that the kids are pretty close to out of my pocket, I'm working on building my PT library, but don't have "At Close Quarters" or any other good reference books readily available. Appreciate any good info. on him, as he refused to give up on finding Dad the night the 133 went down. It would be wonderful to find a member of his family to say thank you to.

Merry Christmas all

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