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Post a Reply To This Topic    Reply With Quotes     Edit Message     View Profile of ROSS FISHER  Posted on: Oct 15, 2021 - 3:15pm
It was sad to read the last letter from PT Boats, Inc about the dire straits the organization is in with the passing of the Greatest Generation who actually manned the boats. The warranty is even starting to run out on the 2nd Generation, the Baby Boomers who've followed them and kept up the good work.
After being out of print for two years, my first novel, "Just Lucky Enough" is available again. It's about three young Americans flying for the RAF in World War II. It was firstself published in 1999, then picked up by Squadron Posters in 2017 and finally by GoTo Publishing this year. It got good reviews by Gen. Chuck Yeager, Col. Robin Olds, Col Don Lopez and a number of other pilots who actually flew the missions. The story includes substantial sea duty aboard one-shot Sea Hurricane equipped CAM ships in Allied convoys.
This time I got the realistic photos for the front and back covers I always wanted. It's available new and gently-used on Amazon for about $14-$16 and a reasonable S+H fee or $2.99 for an EBook.
If enough people buy it, I hope to republish the sequel, "Black Marble" which follows two the main characters to Korea in 1952 to fly a TDY tour in
F-86 Sabres.
I'd like to thank Andy Small and a few others on the Forum who's supported me by writing and reviewing my books. And especially Jeff Kelley for the great review that made the back cover.
I'm working on one final book about the fall of the Philippines in 1941-42. I couldn't write this story without crossing paths with the legendary John Bulkeley, Chief John Tuggle and nurse Peggy Greenwalt, among others. In all my books, the historical events are real with additional dialogue with fictional characters. At this point, it seems the best way to keep the PTstory alive. At 73, I'll need a little luck to finish this last book before I get scheduled for a Sinkex exercise.
Restoring the 617 and 796 boats in Massachusetts and the 658 boat in the northwest are great, but like the rest of us, I wish there was a way to preserve the men.
Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Ross Fisher
1704 Abington Lane
North Aurora, IL 60542
(630) 859-8480

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Drew Cook


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Got your letter, and have been meaning to reply. I'll be getting "Just Lucky Enough" from Amazon in the near future.

-- Drew

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