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 Author  Topic: Crash Air-Sea-Rescue Herreshoff Boats

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I am researching boats built by Herreshoff in Bristol, Rhode Island. They built a number air sea rescue boats. All seemed to go the Army Air Corps Squadrons in the Pacific during the war but post-war ended up with the Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Foreign sales and private industry. One boat is traced to Korean War service. In most cases the trails have gone cold with final disposition unknown. Looking for more details on any. List below. Happy to share information but hope to get more. Thanks.

(8) 85’ 379 Class (Design) “P” Air-Sea-Rescue boats (Hull # 800-807, Army # P-560-567)
Delivered July – Sept 1944

(36) 63’ 416 Class (Design) “P” Air-Sea-Rescue boats (Hull # 900- 935 , Army # P-626 – 661)
Delivered Aug – Dec 1944

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