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 Author  Topic: Get the kids hooked on PT's!

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Apparently last month a PT Boat video game was released for XBox 360! It's a Russian company releasing the game and they've set up a website:

Here's some of the screen shots:

Soviet PT:

Unfortunetly a lot of the screen shots are of non-PT boats! Here's a combo shot:

Hurry Ivan, load! There's a plane behind us!

Here's the game description: (with my random comments!)

PT Boats: Knights of the Sea is a naval action simulator that places gamers in charge of a mosquito fleet of the Allied Forces, Russia or Germany during the height of World War II. (The Russkie's don't want to be friends anymore? Last time I checked they were considered an Allied force. Heck...we gave them a bunch of the boats!)

A gamer can take command of a boat and control each member of the crew captain, gunner or commander. He can steer the wheel, shoot down aircrafts using machineguns or view the situation through binoculars.

The player can take command of a group of vessels. Just one click will turn a direct-action mode with ordinary steering system into an RTS mode with a free-roaming camera above the action. Rolling the mouse-wheel the gamer can aim at the target or destination point.

PT Boats: Knights of the Sea is the first PC game to depict a mosquito fleet, a large group of small war vessels, usually boats. These fast and maneuvering ships were widely used during World War II. The gamer will experience how, where and when it all happened: game scenarios development rests on authentic battles and military operations while the built-in encyclopedia provides a thorough reference on personalities, events and technical aspects.

The site is very hard to uses the latest version of Flash which runs slow on my computers (work and home). It has a museum section that features the boats and other craft in the game, but that is almost impossible to scroll through (even though there are parts that obviously have a second page to them.) Regardless, it's great to see a way for another generation to get excited about PT Boats!

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