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I have possibly discovered another one! That is last located/homeported in Sausalito California, as of June 31, 2008. The boats last name was Duke's Orinoco Flow. This I believe is a late 700 series hull, one of the unfinished hulls that were at ELCO. They originally went to auction in February 12, 1946, PT 761-765, 767-775, but all weren't sold, as per the paperwork Chip and I have. ELCO kept a few, for later private sales.
The "PT" listed in post war construction are;
PT 3690 is PT 767
PT 3682 is PT 624
PT 3685 is PT 762
PT 3695 is PT 772 (Notice this one was converted in 1951!)

DANCO, SUNDANCE, and FINISHED BUSINESS are also listed here which are the 3 boats I am trying to find out about.

Jim Melanson;
Do you know of any other name that PT 761 went by other than MOBY DICK or TAURUS V, look at the list on the link below.
Take care,


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