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 Author  Topic: The Image Gallery is Up and Running


Post a Reply To This Topic    Reply With Quotes     Edit Message     View Profile of Dick   Send Email To Dick Posted on: Jul 28, 2017 - 3:50pm
The new Image Gallery for posting photos into your message board post is now running and appears to operating fine. Our good friends Jeff (, and Ted put it through some tests and of course found some minor glitches - now, all repaired and retested.

The Image Gallery is for members of this PT Boat Forum, and members wishing to use the board must request by email, to sign-up for a member area. This is all explained in the following link, an online PDF document viewer. the link itself has email instructions and explains the gallery use. Also in the linked file is a YouTube link to a tutorial video. All members wishing to sign-up MUST view both the document and video.

Main Link;

This new gallery should eliminate the PhotoBucket woes, but does not address the past images posted and now being held hostage by them.

If you had a Photobucket album on our ptboat account then that album has been recreated here on the new Image Gallery. If you did not have a Photobucket account a new user account will be set-up for you, where you can upload your images.

Email requests will be replied to as time allows me, be assured Im not on this site all day. just now and then after all I do have a life, well, sort of .

Dick . . .

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Will Day


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Jeff D


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Thank you very much Dick, I know you put many many hours into this. I find it easy to use after a very short learning curve and best of all NO BS! I particularly like the ease of getting the embed code, just hover over the code and click the copy button that pops up. No need to triple click to get all of it.

A test, a crop from this photo, one of my favorites, showing a well tatooed PT crewman holding a .50 cal. belt with a ratio of 3 armor piercing rounds to one tracer. Which confirms what the vets and experts here have said, that a 1:1 ratio as seen in one of the online PT manuals as well as a render of mine is most likely wrong:


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