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 Author  Topic: Photobucket Torpedoing
Bob Steinbrunn

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Thanks for all the great information, Daniele; much appreciated!


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I also belong to a motorcycle forum that uses the same type of software as this forum. We have a "Gallery" in our forum specific for the forum so that we do not have to rely on Photobucket or any other site for the pictures. That way, the pictures stay with the forum all the time, through upgrades, user changes and to be sure the pictures are always in the posts.

Here is a link:

I have more pictures of boats on that site than motorcycles sometimes!

Former crew member of the Big Blue Sightseer ex-PT 486

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The motorcycle forum being discussed uses the old free phpBB software that conveniently has its own built-in Gallery add-on. Being free as well as its many nock-offs - it is a very popular software programs used through the internet on thousands of websites.

This program was tried many, many, many years ago when the forum (message board) was first created, however it was shortly abandoned. At the time the most of the WWII PT Boats vets coming to the site were not computer literate. After all this was the very early days of the publics use of the WORLD WIDE WEB , and the vets needed something more intuitive for the novice user. After some lengthy investigation the software here at this forum was chosen, both by the absolute ease of use but also the price of the software was reasonable. I admit the price was very attractive, because this site is self-funded courtesy of my wife understanding.

For the last seventeen years Photobucket work just fine for most of us. However, the current policies at Photobucket werent expected and even with the tremendous amount of very harsh criticism throughout the web, it has not proven to force them to change their current policy. Their policy is somewhat understandable because tens of thousand of users used the free service while selling and profiting from their own ventures requiring posted images. However, on your part a free message forum it hit us hard because their is no commercial gain, no adds, no income coming in to support their demand for $400/year.

See the new Posting labeled New Photo Gallery Coming for more information.[b/]

Dick . . . .

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