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John Sullivan

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John served on the 107 but was on leave state side when they burned
which boat leaked gas which started fire?

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Please don't ask me where I read it,but as I understand it, the 107 started up to leave; starting the fire. Found it, I read it here: I have no idea of the accuracy of that web site.

My father-in-law was below deck stowing equipment on the 63 boat. Said he heard someone yell "fire". Stuck his head out to see what was going on and decided that going over the side was a good move. He swam to shore, tearing up his arms and legs on the bottom - he claimed that was the only injury he received in his 15 month tour - somehow no one in the family really believed that.

If it matters, he also said that the 63 was"inboard" and the 107 was "outboard". I never really understood if that was in relation to each other or to the dock and shore.

Hope this helps

Rick Schaefer
Splinter PT 63

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