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 Author  Topic: Early PT Boat Squadrons


Post a Reply To This Topic    Reply With Quotes     Edit Message     View Profile of TED WALTHER   Send Email To TED WALTHER Posted on: Dec 11, 2015 - 1:41pm
The NYC Yacht Club,37 West 44th Street NYC, had created "stations" for their sailing trips in 1884. I find it interesting because of the locations of these stations: Station 1 in Bay Ridge; 2 in New York NY(Chelsea Piers); 3 in Whitestone NY; 4 in New London Conn; 5 in Shelter Island NY; 6 in Newport RI; 7 in Vineyard Haven Mass(Martha's Vineyard) and at Rendezvous Glen Cove. In 1868 the club bought a big mansion used as the new Station 2 at Rosebank Staten Island.( This building still stands and is known as the Macfarlane Bredt House).
While doing some research, in the time frame period prior to RON 4(Jan 1942) and MTBSTC being commissioned, I noticed most these locations are in PT 48's log entries(location) between 15 Sept -15 Dec 1941. As for other connections, I know John Bulkeley was a guest of the NYCYC and several of the later Squadrons had Commissioning parties there, but it seems the connection goes all the way back to the beginning of ELCO PT Boats, most likely because several NYCYC members owned ELCO Yachts. anyway, I never realized that the early PT RON's used these facilities as much as they really did.

Here are two photos of the NYCYC "Clubhouse/station" at Newport, Rhode Island. Can you image three or four 77' ELCO's tied up to this dock? Awesome!

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Frank Andruss


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The NY Yacht club was a staple for Henry R Sutphen, Executive VP of Elco. He spent much time there, while heading up Elco in Bayonne, New Jersey. According to my records he was a member and the Elco Yacht was used for big wigs and social events docking at the club. Both Henry Sutphen and Irwin Chase took the newly constructed 70, 77, and 80 footers to this club for viewing purposes. In fact one of my original Elco memo's talks about an Elco PT model being built for the Yacht Club by Don Rosencrantz. I have no clue if that model still remains at the club.

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Simply beautiful!

Victor K Chun

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