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 Author  Topic: How To Paint your PT Boat (humor)
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To be taken lightly, by all who view this missive/rant/observation in the spirit with which its offered.

After viewing most of the 199 pages of this forum, it seems we all still can't readily agree on what color this or that PT boat was actually painted. (especially when it comes to the color of the Boat That Must Not Be Named, crewed by the Skipper Who Shall not Be Named) Even after all of the verbal knife and gun fights, some comically humorous, and others, well... not so much, if I had to codify it as a set of rules for depiction of PT boats it would sound like this:

PT Boat Colors: THE RULES

RULE 1) Photos count for absolutely EVERYTHING. Unless noted in caveats below.

1 (a) If photos just happen to be in color, first pray earnestly to the PT Boat Gods Above, as well as on this forum, that the color values are dead-on correct. 99.9 % of the time, they aren't. So there.

1 (b) If photos are black and white, it's some shade of blue. Or green. Or gray.

RULE 2. Navy Regulations are always your best guide. Unless noted in caveats below.

2(a) Boats are painted according to vessel painting regulations, whether it's 1942, or 1943, or 1945. And your boat is depicted as being built at the end of a military fiscal year. Good luck.

2(b) Unless your supply of paint is based on what the Navy Quartermaster Supply Depot routed to you. Via Greenland, if you're in the South Pacific, Or the Mediterranean, via Christchurch, New Zealand. And it's usually too much School Bus Yellow, Flat Black, and Deck Blue.

2 (c) If it's green, it will always on the color scale, still be at its very heart some mix of yellow and blue. And some brown mixed in , if you're really THATmuch into olive drab.Sorry to be a party pooper,but that's just the way it is. Check your local color wheel for details. I wouldn't snow you on this- the PT Boat Gods are vengeful that way.

RULE 3. No boot topping needed. Especially in 1/350 scale. Unless noted in caveats below.

3 (a) if your boot topping is algae (South Pacific) barnacles (Mediterranean, Key West) industrial waste and grease (Bayonne, New Jersey, Brooklyn Navy Yard)

3(b) Unless you're an Annapolis '39 graduate, deliberately mis-routed to PT's from the Battleship Navy, Because they thought you were an insufferable twit.

RULE 4. Camouflage works. Unless noted in caveats below.

4(a) There doesn't happen to be a herd of zebras handy.

4(b) An iceberg happens to be floating in Ironbottom Sound. And your boat's silhouetted against it's backdrop.

4(c) Your three-color jungle camouflage consists of Deck Blue, Copperoyd, and Ordinance Yellow.

4(d) Your boat's on fire. Sorry- all bets are off!

RULE 5. If you've made it this far, and are still wondering how to paint your PT boat, take a deep breath, take a scientifically based, wild-a_ _ guess. Then go back to work on that Shernan Tank model that's been in your closet for ten years. Sheesh!

Have a great weekend,everyone- that is all.


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