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 Author  Topic: Last of the PT548 (Ron 28) Photos
Dan C

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This last batch of photos isn't specifically about PT548, but seem to be various shots of Solomon and/or Philippine natives and other PT-related scenes. Most of the photos are of poor quality, but I put them out there more as informative curiosities.

PT548-27: Poor quality photo. This was a series of photos, top to bottom, as if a strip of negatives had been developed together. The next to last photo of the sailor sitting at a table with his left arm over the back of the bench is Bill Eckert (Gunners Mate, not sure of name or spelling). This is probably a shot in the mess area below-deck on the PT boat. Notice the rifles hanging on the wall just over Eckerts right shoulder. The last photo at the very bottom may also be a below-deck shot, but is just too blurry to make anything out.
 photo PT548-027.jpg

PT548-28: Possible PT base under construction. Jerry Beardsley (PT548 Radioman) seemed to think this was in Rendova. No way to be sure.
 photo PT548-028.jpg

PT548-29: Possible PT base with PT boat moored at dock. No way to know for sure where this was.
 photo PT548-029.jpg

PT548-30: Poor quality photo. Unidentified PT boat operating at speed.
 photo PT548-030.jpg

PT548-31: Possible PT tender or some other warship photographed from deck of PT boat.
 photo PT548-031.jpg

PT548-32 thru PT548-37: Poor quality photos with no dates or locations. They appear to be photos of the local villagers on whatever islands they were taken. From the look of some of the people, I would guess that they may be in the Solomon Islands rather than the Philippines. However, the last photo (PT548-37) has a Philippine look to it (possibly a horse-drawn funeral hearse and maybe the front-end of a jeep to the left of the photo).
 photo PT548-032.jpg

 photo PT548-033.jpg

 photo PT548-034.jpg

 photo PT548-035.jpg

 photo PT548-036.jpg

 photo PT548-037.jpg

Dan C.

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