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 Author  Topic: PE for the PT 596?

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Figured I'd do a separate thread for this question.

Has anyone who has built the PT 596 (or any variation) used any of the photo etched add-on kits? I had the Eduard kit, years ago, for my 1st planned build, years ago. Sold it with the model kit.

It is still available, and there is are 2 other kits, one from Royal Model and one from Lion Roar. The LR kit is the more extensive, and I've seen a listing of what's included, but have no info on the RM set, just seen pics.

Trying to find info on either, or both, as I try to decide whether to go that route or not.


Jim F

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David Waples


Post a Reply To This Topic    Reply With Quotes     Edit Message     View Profile of David Waples  Posted on: Sep 10, 2015 - 4:23pm
The Royal Resin and LionRoar kits are two different animals. There is very little overlap. In fact the only overlap I find is with the roll off racks and the 37mm M9 magazine.

For example the 50 cal tubs. LionRoar kit has brass ammo trays empty The Royal Resin set has covered resin trays. LionRoar does not have the .50 cal trigger mechanism where the Royal Resin set has them.

For the 37mm and 40mm the LionRoar has turned brass rounds where the Royal Resin set does not. LionRoar also includes brass barrels where Royal Resin does not. However both sets have turned .50 cal barrels.

LionRoar includes brass props. Royal Resin does not.

Royal Resin includes some resin upgrades in their set. LionRoar does not.

If I were only buying one I would probably get the LionRoar. They have just been re-released so they are available again.If you can do both I couldn't tell you that you would be wasting your money.

Now, I would also recommend the Italeri PT Boat conversion kit because it has back dated radar. It also includes some of the improved torpedoes. Italeri also re-released their original PT Boat crew which is appropriate for the European based boats.

I hope that helps!

David Waples

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Post a Reply To This Topic    Reply With Quotes     Edit Message   Posted on: Sep 18, 2015 - 3:34am
David, thanks for the breakdown.

Was about to use up my model budget on the Lion Roar kit. I decided to sell of some of my model RR structures that I figure I will never get around to building.

So, not only have I ordered the LR set, but also the Royal Model set (with the additional resin accessory set) and both the update set and crew set from Italeri.

Also shopping for both Mr's Chun's book and Mr' Ross' Vol II book.

Thanks again.


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