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There is a new book being finalized called 'PT 109', An American Epic of War, Survival and the destiny of John F. Kennedy.

The point of this book is not just about the 109 but about how the sinking of the 109 affected its Skipper John F. Kennedy and created some fiber to what had been a world class playboy, to someone who could now draw on his 109 experience during experiences later in life.

As for the PT portion of the book, Doyle puts life of PT's in great context so we see what the conditions were under which these crews performed.

I read through a early edition of Doyle's PT 109. He has done an excellent job in combing through historical files to find information as well as interviews; including ones with William 'Bud' Liebenow, Skipper of the PT 157, who was with the group that included the 109 the night it was lost and later was the Skipper assigned by Commander Warfield to go and rescue the 109's crew. From all that I know of the 157's experience, through my work with Skipper Liebenow and his torpedoman Welford West, the details about the night of the 109's sinking and the night they were rescued by the 157 are right on with what I have been told.

I know some don't think much of the 109 and its Skipper for it's overly dramatized story, but this ones puts it right where it belongs in PT history.

Below is the early draft of the book's cover...

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