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 Author  Topic: Interesting story regarding PT 796
Deep Vee Forever

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Years ago, my older sister related a story regarding a decommissioned PT boat that she and her high school friends used to hang out and party on, when it sat on an island in the Mississippi River just below downtown Memphis, now known as Mud Island.
Not long ago, I did some poking around on the Net and found not only an photo, but the history behind PT 796.

She was flabbergasted to learn that the old boat she'd drunk a lot of underage- purchased Budweiser on had a history, and that she'd walked in the footsteps of heroes. She had no idea that the PT was JFK's inaugural stand-in for PT 109, or that the 109's surviving crewmen had stood on her decks in the parade. But she was glad to find out that the boat is preserved, in good hands, restored, and a National Historic Landmark.

For the photo- Google "PT Boat Mud Island", and under "Images for PT Boat Mud Island", there's a Flicker page black and white photo of PT 796, taken in 1974, as she sat in a cradle on Mud Island.

She looked a heck of a lot different then, but the Higgins hull is unmistakable.


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  Jerry Gilmartin


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Hi Randy,
I ran across this same photo a few years back. The 796 had arrived at Mud Island in July of 1970. This photo was from 1974. The HQ for PT Inc is still located in Germantown, just outside of Memphis since Boats Newberry was from there. Jerry
PT796 on Mud Island circa 1974

PT796 arrives in Memphis in July 1970 via efforts of Boats Newberry

PT796 being lifted from Anacostia River just before Inaugural Parade

PT109 surviving crew members posing in front of PT796 day before parade, names are listed in text below photo

PT796 being towed by truck in parade

PT796 rounds the corner nearing the Reviewing stand at parade

PT796 in front of reviewing stand, JFK can be seen wearing tophat and white scarf

Jerry Gilmartin
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Roy Forbes


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Awesome photos Jerry !!

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