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 Author  Topic: PT73 decal help

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it's for the Mchale's navy pt boat . can someone help looking for decal or it someone can help me make the decal i do have paint shop pro x7 just got it not srue how to ues it . PT 73 decal pl help ty

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Drew Cook


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I'd sure like to get a set made for my Revell Vosper 70-footer, too.

To be accurate to the TV show, you need two large "PT 73 " bow decals identical to the ones that came with Revell's original "McHale's Navy PT 73" kit, and three small "73" decals for the forward face and port and starboard sides of the charthouse cockpit coaming.

I had the kit as a kid back in the '60's, but I can't remember if the original decal sheet had the little "73"s on it or not.

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