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 Author  Topic: PT Boat Number Decals

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Here's a question I haven't seen in the forum: where can I get 1/48 and 1/35 plain white numbers for the Merit and Italeri PT-103 class boats in the Solomons? When these boats reached the theater they were often repainted green, as we all know, and the boat's numbers were painted, usually by hand and without the shading. The crews seem to have taken pains to make them look like the right style, and there must be something out there that looks close; my own hand-painted numbers don't pass muster.

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Stuart Hurley


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There are some 1/35 decals available from Echelon which have a selection of drop shaded and plain white numbers. There were some plain white US style numbers available a while back from Techmod in various sizes but I am not sure if they are still in print. Give them a Google.

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It depends on what boat you are modeling, and your skill level. Dry transfer's is what I use for most of my boats. However, I have hand painted most of my boat numbers, both in 1/72, 1/32 scale. I you are talking about the 1/35th scale Italeri model, go with Model rail roader dry transfer numbers as most boats dropped the black shadowing in Panama on their way to the war zone. Another example RON 9 and RON 12 changed their numbers to gray for awhile instead of white, then went back to white. Most squadrons just used white numbers with no shading. it depends on the boat you are modeling, used as many photos as you can find. What boat are you modeling?
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