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 Author  Topic: Decima Mas, Torpedo Boats - Gothic Line


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Check out these:The other side of the story. These are a series of you tube interview videos I came across. including the MAS captured by RON 22. Search
The Italians were way ahead of the power curve as far as Naval Special Operations were concerned, the unit they had in World War Two encompassed everything, The 10th MAS Flotilla had MAS boats(Motoscafo armato silurante (Italian: "torpedo armed motorboat"), Underwater Demolition Team Frogmen/Commandos which also used Manned Torpedoes nicknamed Maiale or "Pig"Chariots(Human Torpedoes).and Gamma(Frogmen carrying Limpet Mines) Between June 10, 1940 - September 8, 1943 they performed some of the most daring Special Operations attacks of World War Two, including in July 1942, they set up a secret base inside the Italian tanker Olterra which was interned in Algeciras, Spain near Gibraltar, This allowed to operate at will and for them to sink or damage 11 ships at Gibralter for over a year. When the Italian Armistice was signed, only then did the British find the secret base inside the tanker, they also found plans for more Gibraltar attacks with a more powerful larger replacement manned torpedo and plans to attack New York Harbor.
Today, NSW operates very much the same way, but it took us quite awhile.
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