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 Author  Topic: The Greatest Generation


Post a Reply To This Topic    Reply With Quotes     Edit Message     View Profile of TED WALTHER   Send Email To TED WALTHER Posted on: Feb 8, 2014 - 9:44am
If you get a chance, check out :
Some very interesting video personal interview accounts. The ones that interested me where Lauren Swinney, I remember listening to family members with stories like hers, some nice wholesome memories.
Also, Lawrence "Larry" Delewski, Seaman 1/C, crewmember, USS LAFFEY DD-724.
When I was growing up, one of my Dad's best friends at the New York Telephone Company was a big 6'4" Greek named Sonarman 1/C Cyril "CY" Simonis, Crewmember, USS LAFFEY, DD-724 1944-1945. (he was previously on USS Plunkett (DD-431), for Anzio invasion. He was sort of like Anthony Quinn in the Guns of Navarone) he was also there that day, Pickett Station #1 April 15, 1945. CY later became President of the USS LAFFEY Association, and it was because of him, I met ADM Becton, and my Dad and I were there in Charleston when LAFFEY was towed to Patriots Point, SC, where she is today.
If you ever get a chance to watch the history's channel show "Kamakaze" Ari Phoutrides(Plankowner, Quartermaster 2/C) is the main interviewee, another Greek! and he was a great guy too. Well, there is a computer generated image of a kamikaze attacking LAFFEY from stbd aft quarter, well if you look real quick, there is a lone guy with a fire hose on the stbd side aft fighting fires, the kamikaze starts strafing the stbd side before impact, you see the "CGI"guy running up the deck heading forward, while the bullets are hitting the deck, well that is CY!
Take care,

P.S.for more insight into this show go to :

for more insight into the brave crew go to

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Will Day


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Thanks, Ted.


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