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 Author  Topic: SUCCESS! PT63 RON5

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A week ago I posted a photo in this Topic

Wayne Traxel thought one of the crewmen pictured might be Radarman Eugene Eaton.

Using google and the internet, I found Genes daughters. Gene was not in that picture

BUT - They sent me several photos of Gene and other crew members. Gene is the man front right : AND My Father-In-Law is the young man over Genes right shoulder. Torpedoman3c John E Mirus.

This is the only picture we have of my F-I-L from that period What a wonderful discovery.

We would still like to learn the names of the rest of the crew. Hope springs eternal.

Another crew picture Genes daughters sent is here: Gene is back left and the others are unknown.

Sorry to go so long but I really want to express THANX to the members of this forum.

Rick Schaefer
Splinter PT 63

TM3c John E Mirus
Solomon Islands
Dec 43 - Jan 45

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