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 Author  Topic: PT34 RON3 crewmans little known "Expendables" story
  Jerry Gilmartin


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Hello Shipmates,
One of our PT658 crewmen, Wally was contacted by the son of an original PT34 crewman in regards to donating some memorabilia of his fathers. A resident of Alaska, Martin Beckner, who is the son of Charles C Beckner Pharmacists Mate 2/c, of PT34. He was awarded the Silver Star as result of actions on PT34. I am going to post here since this stuff is way to interesting to keep secret. I am sure you will find it of great interest. It seems that he came down with malaria and missed the mission where PT34 was lost. After he recovered, he was taken out of Mindanao by a PBY Catalina on one of the last flights leaving the island. (Part of Project "Gridiron") I have the 12 page Operation Gridiron Summary here for you to read. Jerry

RON3 at Cavite Navy Yard 10-27-41 (on pier bottom of photo)

RON3 Homeport Change order

Chief Beckner in 1945 taken in Australia after leaving Okinawa

Beckner 5th from left at Chow Hall in Philippines

Letter from shipmate of PT35 who survived malaria on Mindanao

PBY Pilot contacted him after war.

At Close Quarters Story of two barges, mentions Al Ross' Dad and Beckner as crew

At Close Quarters Two Barges Page 2 mentions Beckner on 50cal MG

Operation Gridiron PBY Rescue Mission involving PT Crewmen Pg1

Gridiron pg2

Gridiron pg3

Gridiron page 4

Gridiron pg5

Gridiron pg 6

Gridiron pg7

Gridiron pg8

Gridiron pg9

Gridiron pg 10

Gridiron pg 11

Gridiron pg 12

Martins explanation of Dads uniforms

Jerry Gilmartin
PT658 Crewman
Portland OR

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